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Research Reports

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Security Council
The Cabinda Conflict The question of Lybia The sectarian conflict in Mandatory Palestine
Special conference - Future generation
Providing equal access to education for both genders Limiting or relieving trade barriers for Fairtrade The question whether it is ethically and morally responsible to manufacture robot workers The resumption of the six-party talks
GA1 - Disarmament and International Security Committee
Building new ways/platforms for international peace talks Minimising collateral damage during military operations Reinforcing nuclear disarmament
GA3 - Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee
Conflicts between Sunni and Shia Muslims The question of boat refugees on the Mediterranean seas The question of the Mexican Drug War
GA4 - Special Political and Decolonization Committee
Self-determination of overseas countries and territories The question of territorial claims in the Arctic A revision of the non-intervention principle
Economic and Social Council
Improving LEDCs position in case of natural disasters Better representation for workers to ensure workers’ rights, including the rights of females and migrant workers Minimising economic inequality within countries Improving the monetary sustainability of sustainable energy
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