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In order to enjoy the MUN-experience at its best, a delegate should research his appointed nation thoroughly and must be ready to express its opinion on any issue at all times during the conference. BonaMUN has created a quick-start guide on how to prepare for a conference in the best way possible. This guide is helpful for both beginning and more experienced delegates and should be considered to be guidelines and not mandatory.

  Download the Instructional Guide
1. Research your country's historical, economical, political and military status.

It is important to know your country's major historical, economical, political and military events as this might give you an idea on how your appointed nation would (not) tackle issues you may run into during the conference. Historical ideas may lead to solutions to present-day's problems. There are a couple of websites that are very helpful for providing you with this information, such as:

The CIA World Factbook: a website that, although created by the Central Intelligence Agency, is accessible for everyone and contains a lot of information on all countries.

Wikipedia: a commonly know virtual encyclopaedia that contains information on a broad range of subjects. Especially useful on finding information on international relations, disputes and treaties. Please note that anyone can change the information displayed on Wikipedia, so always double-check your sources.

Your nation's official website: some governmental websites have a page on Frequently Asked Questions (such as the DPRK's which can be very helpful on finding out what your country's official policy is).

2. Write a policy statement containing your country's policy on every issue.

As stated above, a delegate should always be ready to express it's nation's opinion on any issue. It is therefore wise to write a policy statement containing your nation's policy on every issue. It is quite conventional to have this at your side, should you be asked to give a speech on an issue without being able to properly prepare one. Also, you could base your speech on your policy statement. Sometimes, the chair will call upon a delegate to read out his or her policy statement.

3. Write a draft resolution.

There is no better way to enjoy a MUN-conference than by writing and submitting a resolution. However, time is limited during lobbying, so it is recommended that you write a draft resolution when preparing for the conference. This could consist of individual clauses up to an entire resolution. These clauses can be merged or amended during the conference. If you wrote a resolution that you would like to see discussed, but you do not feel confident enough to submit it yourself, you could ask another delegate (for instance the person you are merging resolutions with) to be the main submitter.

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