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  • Welcome to the BonaMUN 2017
  • BonaMUN 2017 will be held on the 22th, 23th and 24th of September.
  • The programme for BonaMUN 2017 can now be found on the Programme page.
  • Research reports can be found here.
  • The agenda for GA4 has been adapted.

Dress Code


During a MUN conference, one will be expected to dress in formal clothing. The dress code for MUN conferences is strictly formal. One will be expected to dress in suits (if male) or in equally formal clothing (if female).

The minimal requirement at a conference is to wear a pair of formal pants, a shirt, dark shoes and a blazer. However, it is preferred that male delegates dress in proper suits with a tie.

They are expected to respect that when wearing a skirt, the end of the skirt is no higher than five inches above the knees. When you keep your arms along your body, your finger tops should still be touching the skirt.

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