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  • Welcome to the website of BonaMUN 2018.
  • BonaMUN 2018 will be held on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of September.
  • Registration is extended until July 2nd.
  • The provisional programme for BonaMUN 2018 can be found on the Programme page.
  • Issues are online.


Executive staff

The Staff that organizes the conference consists of students from Bonaventuracollege.

This year's Executive Staff members are:

Josephine Pleij
Deputy Secretary-General for External affairs
Wilson Vink
Deputy Secretary-General for Internal affairs
Hannah Korving
Financial Managers
Luc Schade
Berend van den Berg
Timo van Winden
Administration Managers
Eunice Cheng
Laura Donkersloot
Housing Co-ordinators
Lara Bink
Roos Corbeau
Conference Managers
Maria Zevenhuizen
Pim van Alphen
Mikkie van der Schoor
Head of Catering
Amaury Dijkhuizen
Head of Administrative Assistance
Julia Straathof
Heads of Household
Lauren van Haaster
Eva van Winden
Head of Technical Affairs, Webmaster
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