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  • Welcome to the BonaMUN 2017
  • BonaMUN 2017 will be held on the 22th, 23th and 24th of September.
  • The programme for BonaMUN 2017 can now be found on the Programme page.
  • Research reports can be found here.
  • The agenda for GA4 has been adapted.


Executive staff

The Staff who organize the conference consists of students at Bonaventuracollege.

This year's Executive Staff members are:

Bente Bosman
Deputy Secretary-General for External affairs
Franka Bourgeois
Deputy Secretary-General for Internal affairs
Luna de Zoete
Heads of Finance
Luc Schade
Youri Wiegerink
Heads of Administration
Anne Ranselaar
Ashley van Vliet
Heads of Housing
Sara van Reeuwijk
Malou van Zelderen
Heads of Catering
Lara Bink
Iris Daenen
Heads of Admins
Mikkie van der Schoor
Maria Zevenhuizen
Cecilie van der Zwan
Conference Managers
Josephine Pleij
Lauren van Haaster
Heads of Household
Hannah Korving
Eva van der Putten
Head of Technical Affairs, Webmaster
Julius Kerkhoffs
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